Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just a quick note to keep my daily blog promise. :)

Today has been a day full of neighbor visits! The boy next door and his mom stopped by this morning. I wish I did better with my Spanish. Johnni doesn't mind translating for us, but it would be nice to converse directly with her. I am more determined than ever to finish my Instant Immersion online Spanish course.

My friend, Phillipa, came back from her' family's home in Caye Caulker. I was VERY happy to see her! She's way younger than me, but we sort of get one another and she's fun to hang around with. We walked up town the Habet's Hardware for something. They were only open until noon today and we missed them. I knew that. I don't know why I let it slip my mind. So since we were halfway there, we went on to see if A&D Hardware was open...nope. It amounted to a 2 mile walk in the heat of the afternoon. I can't complain though...closer to looking Spanish with every sunny day! By the time we got back to my house we were so hot that we slipped on swimsuits and hit the Caribbean Sea! Here in Dangriga, I usually go to the Pelican Beach Inn to swim, but Phillipa is local. She swims at a cute little beach near the fishing pier. That's where we went today. It doesn't matter where you swim...the water is warm in the sea! Tomorrow, I think we are going to the jungle to play in the rivers...much colder. (And better Pics!)

The local DJ...Goes by the name of 14K...He stopped looking for Sean. Sean was not home, and I stepped outside to talk to 14K explaining this. He was completely understanding of why I would not invite him inside without Sean here. We had a nice little visit on the porch. He brought his email address and Facebook password on a scrap of paper. I logged him in for a little while. It's fun to show people how to "surf the web." Something that is so taken for granted in the US...He was also cool about it when I told 14K that I had to cut our visit short. I can't be spending all afternoon hanging out with men. He laughed and said he would stop by again when Sean was home also.

Nothing exciting happened today. Sometimes those are the best days.

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