Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank you all for the unexpected views!
Who'd of thought that THIS is news!

I've always written - just for me.
I've never opened up to see.

I've got a verse, about a curse...
The writer's work is alive
Only in their death or worse
It never does survive.

But here it is! It surely lives!
Amusing, confusing.

... I have gotten many more hits on this blog than I ever predicted. I figured that an occasional dreamer would log on and out of the cubicle. I thought a mom would look when her baby was napping. I never dreamed that the very people I have spent 40+ years building walls against would be my readership base. Welcome! I promise to write as though no one is looking... It's tougher than you think. It's going to require that I open up... Oooh scary! Scarier than moving 3000 miles to an undeveloped nation.

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