Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yesterday I shared with you the reasons we are not taking our big US gas guzzlers to Belize. I hinted about the forums I found and the friendliness of them (or lack there of). I think that today I will expand on this topic and discuss the 3 that I check each day.

The first This page has forums and links to local weather and news. I find the news and weather to be valuable to me, but the forums are slow at best. I have seen no new posts on this forum since the beginning of January. Pretty boring once you have read all the posts you want to see.

Next I found is a little more active and the people on this forum are generally supportive and kind to one another. I read it daily, even though it is not exactly full of active information.

The other daily read on my forum list is By far the most active forum. It is also by far the most informative. And unfortunately, the snarkiest. I find that there are some people who (possibly with the intent of providing accurate information) lean toward nay saying. There is not much support between the active posters. I have made some "friends" on this forum, and this is terrifying! I hope the people I have interacted with are going to prove supportive to us, but I fear their wrath should I post something silly or impossible. I just kind of lurk and read. Until I get on the ground and face to face with these posters I fear them like the debate team fears the cheerleaders. And those of you who have known me since high school know that is a fear I have gripped for 25 years!

Weather I make lifelong friends on the forums or not...I vow that once I'm more well versed at this "relocate to another country" stuff I will not become a forum bully! I have spent years with a mind my own beeswax attitude. I don't gossip. I try to build people up -not break their spirit. I think I'll push my way into the inner circle of the forums and then cheer on the "debate team". The cheerleaders have enough support. Just like high school. LOL!

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