Monday, January 28, 2013

This morning...I would like to discuss fear. Like any other slimy underbelly emotion, fear retreats from open and frank discussion. I know I said that I would try to make this blog chronological, but today I have to skip ahead to the present and push down these black fingers of fear that are trying to flow through my veins and to my heart. If it takes hold, I fear my fear.

Today's fear is sponsored by home repairs. Sean is leaving for Belize ahead of our planned July exodus. (More on the how and where he's going to come...) But his early departure leaves me to prepare our home for sale or rent. When you live in a home for 10+ years, you tend to overlook the little things. Things like... the last time we painted, several of the outlet covers came up missing. I've been meaning to pick up replacements for the last three years...done yet? Not so much. I put down ceramic tile in the kitchen and great room and have not gotten to the baseboards as of yet. After all, the tile job only took a total of 4 years to complete, I had all the time in the world to polish it off. (sigh) The siding is damaged where Abby and her friends ran into the carport with a tractor and pulled 1/3 of the house down on themselves...I'll need a new porch light too. I have a shed filled with 1000 ceramic molds weighing in at a cool 75lbs each. No one wants them. I have a kiln that everyone wants, but it strikes fear in me to sell it. It's my ace in the hole job opportunity here. If all else fails, sell ceramics. I have a 40 year book collection that fills an entire room, floor to ceiling! I'm living to regret my choice to have a home library. I have a friend that wants them all, but this friend has no truck. I'll be hauling them to her...just another day. Appliances can stay, clutter must be cut. What does a person do with 15 argyle sweaters in the Caribbean!?! And I'll be handling this without the benefit of man strength. Man strength is physical...thankfully my female strength is boundless! Mental Mommy...we all know one.

I'll write more soon...right now, I have screens to replace, a sink to resurface, dry wall to repair, Craigslist ads to post, bedroom doors to paint, sheds to empty, and even maybe some stuff to pack.

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