Saturday, May 25, 2013


If I publish a
If I post a blogfog...
a cop out -like the pic of the frog.
Blogfog for a
Blogfog Greyday....should be a Knight!

Sir Blogfog Greyday of Birthdayshire.

Rides into the square on a white steed -silver sword.
Spies the maid at the well (feeling like hell)
and with ne'er a word,
Slashes through her thoughts and sliding down a rainbow...
...Her mother, her daughter, and BOTH of her sons!
Arrive! ...and bring fun! ...oh loved ones!

Sir Blogfog Greyday of Birthdayshire
(or I as his scribe...)
Doth hereby declare all birthdays shall be delayed
No one gets older, and NO CAKES ARE MADE
Until such time as Melly can be reunited with her brood.
and shake this awful mood.

There. There's a blog post for today. Today is my son's 22nd birthday. My twins turn 15 on the 31st. (And Mom would have been 65 on the 16th...) It is the first time a child of mine has had a birthday, and I didn't bake a cake for them. If my Mom was here I could call her and she would make me feel better. I AM the crab you see in the pic. Little. Nasty. and I don't even have claws to defend myself.

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