Saturday, May 18, 2013

Parades and Parties!

Here in Dangriga, they "DO!" parades. I love them. I have spoken about the funeral marches before. If you search my past posts, you will see pictures of one of the fancies funeral processions I have had the pleasure of witnessing. They are amazing! Today, another funeral procession passed by my house. It was much smaller then the one in those pics. It was only 3 or 4 vehicles long and the family was piled into the bed of the pick up right along with the casket. There was no live band today. They were blaring the pop song... "Shine Bright Like a Diamond...You're beautiful like diamonds in the sky!" I would say an appropriate selection as any. From my vantage point here atop the pink house, I have a very clear view of the church, and therefore...the funerals. Today....the lady in the back of the truck...such a sorrow she carried in her face. Our eyes met and I prayed for her. Maybe I'm a little raw from my (deceased) Mother's recent birthday...but I could see the weight in her eyes. I recognized it from the day we buried my mother. Poor dear. Poor, poor dear. I'm not sure that time does indeed heal all wounds. Some pain dies only when we do...I think she might have added that pain to her pack this morning. I pray for her again.

Anyway...The blog was supposed to be about the PARADES! It seems like every week or so there is a reason to celebrate in Dangriga! I have seen countless parades for every cause...AIDS awareness, Maya Heritage, the Catholic School's 40th Anniversary, First Form many parades and parties! On Mother's Day, my friend Marci and I were out commiserating in the fact that our children were in different places. We went to dinner, and had a couple beers. In the streets of Dangriga there was a huge block party! Sponsored by the radio station there was live music, and raffles, and food, and noise, and in the midst of it all were the Mama's in their Sunday Best...most with corsages. Beautiful. Perfect. I can't wait for the BIG parties in the fall here...epic!

I have tried to take pics of the parades, and the parties...but good shots hitherto were mostly flukes. I have a hard drive full of  ' Since they are the only images I have of the parades, I will post them anyway...I hope you enjoy. They will most certainly not be as fun as the real thing! sigh




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  3. Thank you Jaxson! I'm glad you are enjoying it!