Thursday, May 16, 2013

I miss you, Mom.

The "How?" of this move is a continual groove.
Growing organic.
Strung like a song
-I've known all along.
A kaleidoscope.
The entrancing -the change
Same bits rearrange.
The fresh and familiar in view.
Little beaches in the palm of my hand.
But "Why?" They cry! I start with a sigh.
The Powers That Be, are controlling the free,
The people care less amid political mess.
The apathy.
Fat little babies grow to listless ladies who raise fat little babies.
Generation Take has overtaken. Listless and lazy
-just say you're crazy! Your check is in the mail.
Without fail.
Without drive to stay alive, with all your needs provided.
The country divided.
Not to the Haves or Have Not's -as on would have thought.
Taxed and harassed, the Haves have less. They are the Try'ers.
The Have Not's have no thoughts. They're the Buyers.
A perfectly good explanation.
Escape Gluttonous Nation...
So THERE is a "Why?" -I continue and sigh.
But the Real of the "Why?" I admit -as I cry.
Is I saw first hand the end. I lost my Best Friend.
Sixty Five if she were Still Alive.
And maybe I'd be home...never attempt the roam...just another drone.
Safely numbed, I might have succumbed.
And so the risk of all cliché,
I must live for just today.

This is the dress I wore the day I went for my license pic...I had it on today, so I snapped a pic for you!

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