Monday, May 6, 2013

Zipline at Mama Noots!

Today was a VERY long day and filled with new things! I went to the Belize Zoo.

We took our fishing buddies, Norman and Morris. They grew up here, but had never been. The zoo only charges $5 BZE for locals...I love that. It's only $15 BZE for those of us who are not residents (yet). Norman kept going behind the gates where it said employees only, so I gave him my camera! He got some great pictures! I will be posting about the critters but tonight I'm exhausted!

The OTHER thing I did today, was The Zipline at Mama Noots! Absolutely Incredible! Reputation proceeds this place, and everyone says how comfortable and safe the staff at Mama Noots makes them feel. But...Wow. If you ever come to Belize, this one is a DON'T MISS! I'm 42years old, and I'm a big sissy! Ask my son about the time I stopped a fun house in Myrtle Beach and made the vampire take me out the back. True story. I am a scardey cat! On the short hike to the first platform, I made that clear. As smooth and cool as Key Lime Pie, these guys had me talked through the basics, hooked up and zipping! The jungle is hands down my favorite part of Belize, and to see it from the top!!! Back in Pittsburgh we say a straight line is "as the crow flies." The jungle zipline is as colorful as a macaw! As the Toucan flies?...JUST DON"T MISS IT! Oh! Bonus...Mama Noots charges locals half price for the zipline. The longer I stay in Belize, the more I appreciate these courtesies. Here's their website....

While you're there...plan a stay. Take a walk to one of the waterfalls. Bocawina Falls is easy to get to...I have been there in sissy girly backless sandals. lol Make sure you have a meal. I pull sheets with the chef, his food is GREAT!

Pics from today at the zipline...Zoo pics coming soon!

 On the first platform, I was scared. Sean wasn't there and I grabbed Morris. He said, "You are trembling! It is making ME tremble!" lol
 Vidal, the guide, told me that because I'm small, I won't get enough speed. He said that I should try to hold my legs up and it worked. I. went. fast.
 I didn't die! Not even once!

How else would I see the top of the jungle?


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