Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pics from the Belize Zoo!

I am posting some pics today that were taken at the Belize Zoo! It's a beautiful place, and does a great service here in Belize. ALL of the animals are either rescues, or offspring of rescues. I find that in a culture where there is often not enough money to even educate the children, animals don't enjoy the same protection and luxuries as their cousins in the States. Without a place like the Belize Zoo, many of these critters would have been put down due to their injuries or illness. The Belize Zoo takes them, and rehabs them, and uses them to educate people! Great job! I also find it interesting that even though it is only $5 for locals to enter, many of my new friends have never been to the Belize Zoo! When we went, we took our fishermen buddies, Norman and Morris. Neither of them had been there so it was as new to them as it was for us! Norman and Morris swim with sharks and eels and all manner of scary underwater creatures, so the critters in cages were not at all scary to them. Norman saw no danger in the Pumas. He was going behind the fences to get a closer look at the critters. I gave him my camera so we could all get his behind the scenes view. Several times, zoo employees saw Norman coming out from behind the gates, no one said anything to him. I would assume they thought he was  new employee. Whatever the reason...Norman's antics added to the enjoyment of the Zoo for us! We had ,lunch in the Zoo...and we were pleasantly surprised by it! It was reasonably priced. In the states, park food is OUTRAGEOUS! (I guess they figure they have you stuck...if you're in the Zoo and hungry, then you'll pay $20 for some chicken nuggets!) At the Belize Zoo, the four of us had nice quality meals for less than $50. My quesadilla was so full and stuffed, that I had to share! Again...GREAT JOB BELIZE ZOO!

The zoo was on my mind, because the little boy in the house behind mine had just been there with his school. He came over one evening with a form from the school asking for a donation to send him there. I happily gave him some money. (HIS cost for the entire trip was $20 with his school.) Now...there is another whole blog about the "Beggars of Belize." PLEASE don't get this twisted! (LOL, Cool slang -right? Reaching for a young reader...) Anyway...don't think that my neighbor boy is in any way asking for something for nothing. THIS kid is like a man in a smaller body! He has raked my yard, returned my clothes that blew off the close line, and even made me a little card. He's the coolest kid! The paper he brought from school explained where m money would be spent...and it was not to put in the boy's pocket. It was a sponsorship I gave him...not a handout! In fact...THIS particular kid doesn't accept handouts! I ran into him and his little friend one evening leaving the store. I happened to have a couple dollar coins in my hand, and I gave one to each of them. Not because they asked, but because I wanted to do it. They said thanks, and bought their candy. Next thing I know...The two of them are out there just singing and raking my driveway! I didn't give them a buck to ask them to work. And they didn't take a buck for nothing. I adore these boys! <3's the link to the Belize Zoo again....and a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy!

YOU CAN make donations from wherever you are on this beautiful planet! They can use the funds, I'm sure....

 I'm looking forward to seeing Toucans in the wild!
 Gotta' get up mighty early I the morning to catch these guys in the wild!

 I like the snoot face in this picture...

 I'll blog about the animals in the future...I'm pretty sure this guy is related to a rabbit.

 This is a quash...Norman caught one once. He raised it at his home.
 Albino quash.

 Look at the sleepy kitty! Bars in the way?
 Norman will get a pic with no bars!...Just jump the fence!
 This guy was not a display animal. He just volunteers at the zoo!
 Now...there's some WILD animals!
 This is a cousin of the American Bald Eagle...majestic, proud, regal.

 THIS birdie will get a blog entry one day soon....

 The RED maccaws are HUGE!

 From my place on the walking path, I could only see a tiny bit of the foxes fur. Norman over the fence got me some great pics!
 Sleepy owls... on HIGH ALERT!
 I could have talked to these guys all day! They were GREAT at conversation!
 Tapir..NEAT! One of the highlights of the zoo!
 Notice whose hand is inside the! Also note...Morris is barefooted. He HAS shoes...he just leaves them in the

 I love this monkey pic!
 Out of his enclosure...into the trash. Found a juice box and knew how to use the straw!

 You're on the wrong side of the fence little buddy!
FUN day! More pictures to follow!

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