Friday, April 5, 2013

Belize Beach Bikini Pics!

You can see I had fun yesterday! I (finally) got my feet wet! The beaches in Belize are not like the beaches in the US. When I was researching this move, I searched high and low for a picture of a beach area that had people in it. I found a couple, but the beaches just don't get the use that a US beach gets. I have been reading about a terrible problem with erosion of the shoreline that Dangria is suffering from. You have seen the pics of the shoreline at the end of my road, narrow sandy strip about 3 feet wide, and a drop off from the ground about 1 foot down to the sand. Apparently, there has been some serious wearing away of the edge by the Caribbean Sea. If you look at the water in the pics above, you can see that the water is filled with sand and earth. Most shores I've seen in other parts of Belize have the crystal blue Caribbean waters right up to the shore. When you look at the horizon in the pics of me, you can see how close to shore the water turns blue! It's as warm as bath water, and beautiful....just a little sandy near the shore. If I were an Environmental Einstein I would put all my effort into halting this erosion. SIGH...I'm not. I would have no ideas as to how to help.

It's so beautiful, I even managed to get Sean in the water! Granted...only knee deep, but still more wet than he got when we vacationed at beaches in the States. The waves here are a little rougher than some of the other beaches in the country, but still nothing like what I'm used to seeing. I have to believe that this has something to do with the erosion, (common sense) but I'm at a loss as to how US beaches take the pounding the oceans give them without washing into the tide.

This is the area in Dangria that would be called the beach. It has cute little thatched roof huts for people to get out of the sun and have a picnic. You can see, the sand here is a little wider than other parts of the shore. I don't know if nature of the town council put the sand there, but it's a great little beach and asset to this community!

 The pelicans are terrific! They find one little nub of drift wood and they have saddled up to the bar in search of snacks. They are good fisher birds, and the Snack Shop Sea is open for business!

 This view is from the Sea looking inward at the land. It shows the little buildings and huts dotting the beach. The largest pointy thatched roof you see is where the guy makes traditional Guarifina drums! It's the neatest thing to watch! Look for an upcoming blog about this guy!
 Another Pic of Pelican Snack Shop in the Sea! I wish I was a better photographer. This hardly does them justice!
 There...this one is a little better pic of the pelicans. I really enjoyed watching them fish!
This is a pic of the inlet with the sea in the background. The right of this pic is a little grassy park that has a basketball court for the community. I have never passed it that there wasn't a basketball game in play! I find these inlets to be absolutely stunning! Some of the most beautiful landscapes born from the need to move fish to the town. Beauty really is everywhere!


  1. Good morning Melanie...

    Love your pics. It really does look beautiful there...


  2. Hi Melanie,

    I've just finished catching up on your blog from the beginning. I admire your move and hope to follow your experiences in the future. Good luck and have fun.


  3. Charlene...Maybe you and Mayme could skip town for a 3 day weekend?

    Julian... THANK YOU! for reading. I'm open to suggestions about different topics you would like to learn about. If you want me to take pics of anything specific, just ask! Again...THANK YOU FOR READING!