Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I was wrong about the funeral. It possibly was for an Important Person, but it was just as likely for Average Lady...I have now been witness to at least 4 funerals done in the same way. There is a marching band for EVERYONE! Simply astounding. Awe inspiring. If every culture celebrated each life in such a way...The wake is a big deal here as well. I have seen obituaries flash on the television screen's local channels and the wake is sort of "advertised". I have known my new friends to attend the wake and not the funeral of their acquaintances.

My favorite thus far has got to be the one where the band was just a pick up truck with a drum section in the bed, and a lone guy following on foot blowing out the sad melody on his sax. Clear notes echoing off the buildings and flowing out to sea.

I went down to the cemetery and took a couple snapshots. I hope that the reader does not think me morbid. It is a risk I take as I believe each of us is interested in the end of our own journey. I also passes the coffin maker...I was in a car, and didn't have a chance to get pics. I'll go back one afternoon on Trixie the Scooter and show you all the beautiful carvings on the wooden boxes. I'm sure I like Belize burials better than US burials. Perhaps one day there may come a choice. I guess it would depend on the people I left behind. Either way...I hope to celebrate the lives of my loved ones every day forward.

Sorry about the thumb in the first couple...LMAO! Anyway...I almost forgot until I was adding the pics...I took a couple shots of the guy who paints concrete markers and memorials. I love his work! I'm not sure he thinks of himself as an artist...but his sure should!

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