Sunday, April 14, 2013

I took my scooter on an over the road adventure yesterday. I left Dangriga and traveled about 20 miles to the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, more specifically, Mama Noots Eco Resort and Zipline.( I left in what I thought would be plenty of time to get there before dark, but as with ALL of Belize...things just go slower. I arrived just as the sun was setting for the day.

My first stop on my adventure was at the gas station. Gas here is sole in European Gallons, so I had a little ciphering to do in order to mix my gas correctly. A gallon of gas costs about $12 BZ here...or about $6 USD. My Scootie needs 2 cycle oil mixed gas, like many small engines use. The 2 cycle oil was available in little tiny 2.6oz bottles, or in a quart. I need about 32:1 ratio...for a US gallon that is about 5oz oil...give or take. So...I could have purchased 2 of the tiny bottles, or one of the quarts. I went with the quart, so that I would have it for next time, and the quart of 2 cycle oil cost me about $6 BZ...roughly $3 USD. So for about $20 BZ I will drive my scooter well over 100 miles! I think that's economical.

NOT TO MENTION FUN! I touched on it yesterday, but man oh man is that little thing a blast! I kept thinking back to a couple years ago in the states when I looked into purchasing a little scooter for myself to take when I went to the convenience store. Then I would look around me at this tropical paradise and think, "If my friends could see me now!"

I turned off the Southern Highway and headed back the lonely (bumpy) jungle road about a half hour before sunset. I have read, and heard about how the jungle comes alive at night, but I don't think I understood fully until I was in it as it happened. There is almost a breath of the jungle when the night creatures start to stretch and roam. It is both tangible, and impossible. Real and surreal. Beautiful...but dangerous! By the time I got to the end of the jungle road I was really hauling @ss on my Scootie! But as I said, I made it before darkness took the jungle for it's own. WHEW! I stopped a few times on my way for pics, but it's a good thing I didn't tarry. I think Scootie's motor would scatter the jungle creatures, but what if it just angered them? I could become a 100lb snack...and fast! When I take this trip again, I am going to give myself an extra couple hours so I can stop every time I see something picture worthy....

 Southern Highway...nothing but me and the open road! THIS is what makes me feel like a biker! LOL
 Welcome to the Jungle!
 The teak farm at dusk...eerie...beautiful!
One of my nighttime jungle pics...they will be better with some editing...Watch for more soon!

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