Thursday, April 4, 2013

 This picture is what I see when I look off the balcony over the rooftops. I think it's just a beautiful view of the tin roofs and clay tiles. It's one of my favorite spots to sit and watch the world. I sat here last evening and enjoyed our first home cooked meal in Belize! Delicious for the palate and eyes!
We are settling in and Sean got our stove working properly. This is the DELICIOUS Beef Vegetable soup he made last night. The picture doesn't do it justice! As the grocers in town do not have super sized selections like they do in the states, we are eating much healthier! This soup's stock didn't come from a jar of beef cubes, or a can of cow sweat.(lol) Sean used the veggies to create a flavorful broth like none in a can...ever. I wish I had smellovision....This one was superb!

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