Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy. Busy. Like a bee.
Leave the hive to go and see.

I have been spending the last few days going from one thing to the next. I'm so full of new experiences, it might be hard to make sense of this particular blog. Sean and I spent the day in Placencia on Thursday. It's "touristy" for sure...but I liked it better than Hopkins. It was rich with crafters, and tough to keep my cash in my pocket! I, of course, bought a few handmade items...I can't resist the crafter!

I purchased this bowl from a young couple in Placencia. He does the carving, they both do the polishing, and she's one heck of a salesgirl! There is no Varnish on this piece...just elbow grease and water followed by olive oil gives it the beautiful shine!

This wooden carving was the one that spoke to Sean. The pic hardly does it justice, as the detail is not showing up well. The way it balances on just 4 little feet is so cool! The fact that Sean was moved to buy art is even cooler!

But my favorite Purchase from Placencia was not a handcrafted item at all! It is a loud, obnoxious, all American....scooter! I have been watching the ad on a Facebook page since before I left the states. It looked to me like someone bought it thinking they would be able to use it for actual transportation, but it didn't work out for them. Let me say that unless you weigh 100 pounds, it would NOT be the way to go places....fortunately...I weigh 100 pounds. It's comfortable for me and I LOVE my new Scootie-Poo! I realize that when I ride it, I stick out like a sore thumb, but I don't care. Sore thumb trumps sore body from bicycling or walking! It gets something like 100 miles to the gallon. With gas costing upwards of $12 a gallon, it was just not cost effective to have a second vehicle for only one family in Belize. Not this little Scootie-Poo! It hauls me everywhere I want to go for about a capful of gas! I stopped in the department of transportation, and was told that it's motor is too small to need a license plate. They said it's a child's toy and I can ride it like one would ride a bicycle here! Yield to passing traffic, keep to the right because I'm slow, and scoot on down the highway! FUN! I have only used it in Dangriga so highway travel yet. But today, I plan to Scootie-Poo myself to the plant nursery...down southern highway about 4 miles. I'm looking forward to it! I understand now how my biker buddies in the states felt about the freedom of the open road. (I realize that to compare my 20mph Scootie-Poo to someone's Harley is simply laughable...but hey...I'm a biker chick now...don't laugh too loudly.)

I saw a CRAZY thing on the highway the other that would stop me and Scootie-Poo in our tracks. It was a house being moved on a truck. Not too crazy -right? In the states, people buy prefabricated homes and have them delivered to their home sites every day. But in the states, they generally don't use a pick up truck and a couple ratchet straps to hold it down.


It was bobbing and swaying. The trucks tires were squashing and ready to explode! When a bus passed in the other direction, I thought for sure that was IT....the house will crumble. But nope...keep on trucking. No flashy oversized load pace cars, no wide load capacity tractor trailer...just 2 straps and a prayer. I know their was a prayer, because we were behind it for several miles and I WAS PRAYING!

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  1. Hey, My name is Ronny I work with Pletts Home Builders. Someone sent me this blog post today, and while I realize it is really a LONG time ago already. But I just wanted to say we were glad to have been a part of your adventure on that day.

    While the houses do sway back and forth quite a lot on our housing truck, let me just assure you they are quite secure. In our last 17 years of being involved in the pre-fab industry we have sold and delivered around 1,000 homes all over this beautiful country and in that time we have never dropped a home or had any traffic incident.
    We strive for excellence, and definitely want hear if there are any problems.

    Anyway I enjoyed your blog, and will be sure to follow more of your posts, as I really do enjoy what your blog is about.