Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This blog is bland.
I hereby demand
an end to the PC bull crap.
Etiquette Forgetiquette

Since arriving in Dangria, we have furnished our place from the stores on the local street. The price by US standards is very small, but sometimes the quality is not US standards either. You get what you pay for anywhere in the world.

The nice young man who sold us the lion's share of our furniture is an Indian boy names Ravi. Now when I say boy, remember that although I look like I'm 29 (lol) I'm in my forties....this guy is probably 25ish....Ravi has a sparkling personality and amazing charisma! He looks you in the eye and speaks a fair and plain language. We found him to be quite the salesperson. He made us a promise on Thursday that he would deliver some of our things the same day...before the place turned ghost town for the holiday. He made good on his word, delivering our little sofa set, and our appliances. (See silly washer blog...lol.)

When we saw him on the street today, he helped us out by calling the guy who fills propane tanks and gave him Sean's Jungle Phone number. The guy came and filled the tank as promised. Ravi said he would bring our remaining items today and he did so...GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

But then...Sean asked Ravi if he knew of any store fronts for sale or lease as we will be looking to open a small restaurant soon. At that time, Ravi indicated that he was new in town, but that we should stay in a certain side of the bridge for safety sake. I choke as I write this because it as though the next words will pass my lips and take life...Then...Ravi said that the other side of the bridge is mostly black folks and we would be robbed. Hummm....

No harm no foul...we went on with the day. Another acquaintance, Ian, suggested that we look at an empty building his friend is looking to lease in front of the immigration office. The immigration office?!? GREAT...we are immigrants after all. We rode our bikes up by the place and it's promising. It's concrete and looks as if it is intended to be a duplex, recently painted and in nice condition from the outside. One side has roof access...might be nice.... So we told Ian we would be calling him tomorrow so that he could introduce us to the guy who owns the place, and we could look inside.

This evening when Ravi came with the furniture, he asked how our search for a place to lease was coming. We told him about the place near the Immigration, and he said something about...(again I choke even on typewritten words) "That's on the side of the bridge with the blacks. It is not safe. They will rob you." I think I asked what could one POSSIBLY steal from a restaurant? If one is desperate enough to steal a meal, then we would want to feed them....

But what I WISH I would have said is this...I wish I would have asked him how he knew who was what color? If there are black people, is he a brown person? Am I white? What makes me white and not the Chinese? And when I spend my time lying in the sun with the goal of becoming a brown person -what is THAT? Too much.

Etiquette Forgetiquette.

This is the Hotsauce factory...Legendary in these parts...Best taste in Belize!

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