Thursday, April 11, 2013

The People I meet in Belize

Blogging every day is hard. Harder than one would think. It's difficult to think of interesting topics, and more difficult to keep the determination to share them with you all every day. I have a request for a Firearms Blog...and it is forthcoming. I would like to speak to a few humans who have firearms licenses before I blog it. I have researched what the government has laid out as laws, but here in Belize... laws are sorta'...flexible. I don't mean to say that a person could bribe their way out of a murder charge or anything. But one can certainly circumvent some government hoops if the right wheels are greased.

In keeping with the Real People of Belize topic I started yesterday, I would like you all to meet my new friend Snake...

Snake showing off his Peppa's!
Snake is one of the fella's who holler out to passerby to hawk his wares from his little cool spot snack shop in his yard. I was walking along the shore one evening, and as I headed back to town, Snake got my attention. I stopped at his little shop to check out his wares, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. I bought a couple little friendship bracelets from him (He claimed to have made them...I'm crafty...I'm not sure he made them. lol) But we hit it the following morning I brought Sean with me and we went back. Snake makes Cashew Wine in addition to the little prepackaged items he sells. He had asked me to try it when I met him, but I'm a 100 pound woman! I don't leave my drink unattended at the bar, and I don't consume concoctions cooked by creoles. lol Sean does, however. So when we went back, Sean took a couple sips of the Cashew Wine, declared it to have quite a punch, and bought a jug from Snake. Now we are all friends forever.

Snake's Snack Shop
So...drink a little wine...get to talking....Snake is 50(ish). He has 4 children with his Guarifina wife. The kids are aged 6 through 14. The three youngest are still in school, but the oldest (a boy) graduated from primary and will not be attending high school. He is looking for work. Snake had visited the states. He was in California years ago learning electrical and plumbing skills. He had some type of injury and no longer works in in the field, but had worked for the Belizean government as a contractor. Now, he just sells his wares from his little shop and makes friends. Good gig if you ask me.
The 14 year old son is much like any 14 year old boy...VERY interested in the girls! Snake is trying to get him to focus on finding a good job first, then the good girlfriend will follow. Ahhh the plight of ANY parent of a teen... Anyway, the son had found himself a girlfriend, in spite of his father's urging. And the girlfriend had found herself another boyfriend...The son and the new boyfriend got into a heck of a fisticuffs! Son's eye is blackened for him, police arriving to find the son...What a mess! Poor Snake! No father wants his 14 year old son to be picked up by the police! But...keep in mind, dear reader, that if this was happening in the states, the child would be whisked away to some safe little boys facility, given a uniform, tennis shoes, 3 square meals a day, a comfy cot to lay his head on, and probably even a couple hours of TV! In Belize...The son is taken to the same holding cell that an adult man would be taken to. If convicted he would be sent to the same prison that hardened criminals would be sent to. I understand Snakes urgency to assure that this didn't happen.
The wheels of government here turn slowly...One could apply for a permit for something, and not hear back for months. But Snake's boy was brought before the magistrate almost immediately. I'm not familiar enough with this type of government to give accurate information on this, but I assume it was some type of arraignment. Snake was there....On it....Watching out for his eldest son...Very sweet. The judge decided that "bail" would be set and the boy released to his father. Snake joked about "Good thing I brought my Savings Passbook!" And (Literally) kicked the boy in the seat of the pants! I'd say it's a safe bet that Snake's boy gets a job before he gets another girlfriend. And I REALLY like this family.....

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