Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday drive, Shells, Cranes in Flight! Beautiful Belize!

Dangriga, Belize!
Sunday drive...
Bettah Believe
you are ALIVE!

I took the scooter for a Sunday drive yesterday. I headed out of Dangriga southbound toward the Commerce Bright Pier. The road was absolutely stunning! As there has not been a bunch of development in that area, there was an untouched quality to the shore, and mangroves. I parked the scooter in an area that must get covered by water in the rainy season. It was high and dry right now, and I see why it is a good recommendation to watch your property for an entire year before purchasing it. This particular piece of land had a realtor sign, and someone who didn't realize it would be underwater in a couple months could be very disappointed in their purchase. Hopefully, the same signs that led me to believe it gets wet would stand out to a buyer....but hey...this is Belize! People who would otherwise make sound decisions can get caught up in the charm, or caught up in the sheer magnitude of coast they could own, and end up putting their life savings into land that can not be built on.

The ground was COVERED by little shells! I mean covered! I'm a crafter at heart, and I kept thinking of all the crafts I could farm from this one little plot! I was on the scooter, and it's tough to transport too much in my little basket. I knew I needed to stop for Da Rum on the way home, so I figured it best to leave the shells for another day. I did pause long enough to craft on the spot! lol
So many little space in my basket.
New Blog cover pic?
As I was leaving I came across a flock of cranes! They are certainly something! The big one was about 3 feet tall and he was surrounded by his minions...

The click of the camera scared them into flight. But not the big one...he stayed right where he was! I'm going to try to zoom the pics today so that everyone can see the birds better. The pics of the flight are incredible up close! Check back here...or check out my Tumblr for the edits. (Mellyc123)


  1. Enjoying your blog! We have a house in Maya Beach, but not there all the time. My husband has a vehicle/machinery export biz (US>Belize) so he is down there more than me.
    I will be looking forward to new posts!

  2. I am glad you are reading and enjoying my blog. THANK YOU! Maya Beach is a true gem! (I'm just a little jealous :p) I try to post every day, and every click makes me happy! Again...thanks for reading!