Sunday, March 17, 2013

I attribute most of my guts to God. Although I don't necessarily place my faith in any organized religion, God and I are very close. I think part of my blessings come from the way I have handled teaching the kids about God. I read a small passage from the Bible to them each morning before school. It starts all of our days out right, and opens the door for God to enter our lives and home each dawn.

I have been praying for a solution to this conundrum. With the kids living at their father's house, our morning Bible readings have not been happening. I fear that we will move further from God as I move further from this place. I have prayed about this and I think I have come up with a solution. I will blog each morning as I have been, then I will shoot off a little email to the kids with our Bible passage each day. I have asked them to read the passage, and send me back a sentence or two with their interpretation. Although this is not ideal, it will still keep faith in their lives each day. I will post again and let you know how this is working out. I pray the blessings continue rolling in! I'm sure they will. Thank you GOD!

Sean is still in Belize waiting for me. I wish I was there with him already. I am excited to start this leg of life, and the delays are really starting to get to me. He rented a motorbike and took a day trip to Placentia. His impression of the area is positive. He found it beautiful! From my research, the peninsula may be out of our price point. Maybe Maya Beach...on the peninsula but not in Placentia would be affordable. I hesitate to invest our life savings there because the market is so saturated. When TripAdvisor has over 43 restaurants listed in such a small place, it might be hard to make a splash! I'm looking toward Dangria. It seems to have a little less tourism currently. The town is marketing itself as the Culture Capitol of Belize and expanding the tourism market. I have only found reviews of a handful of restaurants so a new restaurant may create some buzz. I have also found several crafty places in the town. A well known artist creates his drums in a shack on the beach, and several Guarfina families sell the traditional dolls. I think my clay throwing would fit well there.

Sean and I have already made the decision to keep our restaurant priced so that the local folks can enjoy it. Sean is staying in Hopkins right now, and there are upwards of 20 restaurants in that small community. The lion's share of these restaurants cater to tourists and are priced out of reach for the average Belizean family. There is a fine line between growing ourselves as a business, and taking advantage of the local labor. I think Sean is right on when he says we will need to offer fare that everyone can enjoy. I wish I was there with him. SIGH...I'd tell you how many more days until I can leave...but the time seems endless. Maybe I'll get there while I'm still young enough to wear my swimsuit.

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