Friday, March 15, 2013

It's been way too long since my last blog. I am sorry. In my defense, I said I would try to blog every day. I am moving to Belize, and my plan was to leave on March 17. I had arranged to have some of the frivolous utilities turned off...including Internet. I did find this groovy Verizon Prepaid stick and will be blogging again.

SIGH... As a testament to Murphy's Law, I will be pushed back AGAIN! The silence in this house is deafening. I've heard people say that before, and it sounded trite. I have now heard deadly silence.

BOTH parents must sign the passport application and be listed on the birth certificate. If some secretary at the hospital somewhere submits your TWINS birth certificates and leaves the father off of one....Well...let's just say it takes about 10 days to get it corrected. And that's the expedited service! SIGH!

Anyway...I have secrets about Sean. (For those just tuning in...He's already in Belize.) For one thing, he's getting out there a little more. He's getting the opportunity to meet people and network outside of the resort he's employed with. I think we're both as lonesome as two lost lovebirds. And I think this Birth Certificate Fiasco was akin to a bear mauling....

But he is resilient. WE are resilient! Flexible. Kindhearted and strong. Adventurers.

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