Monday, March 18, 2013

Yesterday I wrote about continuing to "read" the Bible each morning with my teenagers. I got some positive feedback from a dear old mentor of mine about how Jesus would probably use the internet if he were alive today. I appreciate the support, because I fear that some of the original meaning could get lost in the flashy lights and quirky quips of this medium. As I prepared my reading for the twins today, I was struck by another idea. Perhaps I should start a blog of the messages I'm sending to the kids. If I could get teenage readers, maybe other kids would start their day with a good message. I am stuck on this one though...When I read or teach my own children, I can literally feel God's pleasure. I believe that if my heart is in the right place, then to share this message with other teens would exponentially increase these blessings. BUT...I've never been to Seminary school. Am I qualified to help other kids interpret the Word of God? I'll pray on this one, and if the Bible for Teens Blog materializes, I will surely link it for you all.

Sean is getting discouraged. He stayed in his hotel room the better part of the day yesterday. It is hard for me here, looking out on the late winter ice storm. But to be in the most beautiful, romantic setting all alone is probably tougher than looking at our house emptied of it's life. He is really very friendly, but most people will have their significant others with them. It's awkward to try and make friends with couples when you're not a couple at the moment. Poor guy....

I hope today is better for him. More than that...I hope things here start wrapping up quickly. I really want to be there with him. We feed each other...I support him and he supports me. We promised to put one another's needs above our own, and that way someone is always looking out for each of us. I think he's really feeling the sting of not having me there to build him up. SIGH...Moving right along....hurry up and wait....SIGH!

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