Sunday, March 3, 2013

The blog is supposed to be about me moving to Belize. I am looking out my window at 4 inches of fresh snow. This is definitely NOT Central America! I am trying to keep my daily blog promise, but it's not easy to find things to discuss when I'm so filled with disgust! Sean is already in a tropical clime! He hasn't had any problem with the phone and calls about 2 times a day. I thought we would want motorcycles once we got to Belize, he said I am right on about that. The awful roads in Belize are legendary! He said the ruts would swallow me whole! In the states, we call them dirt bikes, but in Belize, anything over 50cc can get a plate and be driven on the roads. Our kids have always had dirt bikes, and I'm sure the ability to keep one upright will pay off for me. I think we will also need some type of used vehicle. After rattling around the country, a used vehicle might not be an easy buy!

Sean has made a friend! Not that I ever doubted his ability to adapt... His new friend has a wife and children, and Sean is going to "hang out" with him and meet some other locals. I'm excited for him, as local friends can make this transition smooth. We haven't put any big sums of money out toward any land or home purchases. I am easily able to locate places in our budget online. We haven't made that move yet because I figured that once on the ground, we would possibly find even better deals. I believe that local friends will equal better housing and real estate. Also, we don't want to buy anything while still 3000 miles away! I have the impression that each little town will have it's own "vibe" and we will want to get the feel of an area before we buy anything.

Sean has visited Hopkins, Dangria, Placencia, and Silk Grass so far. I think we have eliminated Silk Grass based on his one time through the town. He said he borrowed his buddy's motorbike, and took it for a little spin up to Silk Grass. (It's the nearest little town to Mama Noots where he is staying.) He stopped in a local store there. He said when he opened the door, there were about 20 tough looking guys inside. The first one that caught his eye, had a set of handcuffs on his belt loop, and a pistol on his waistband. Sean is  big guy...over 6 feet tall and built like a refrigerator. For him to be uncomfortable, is enough for us to eliminate that town. He said that any of the other towns he has seen will suit us. I had seen a few listings in Silk Grass, but nothing that I had my hopes set on...

That's just reinforcement that our plan to stay somewhere for about 6 months before buying is well thought.

I can't stop myself from dry running my flight booking. I search flights, and chose seats, and check bags...and leave the website before I pay for the ticket. I would love to know what day I can fly out of here and into Belize, but until the house closes, I hesitate to set that date in stone. I can get quite a bargain if I fly on St. Patrick's Day. I'm a Scotsman! I'll fly that day! Hopefully, I'll hear from the lawyer this week, and it will all be settled before then. I'd like to save $170 on my first flight. I'd feel like I started out on the right foot!

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