Friday, March 1, 2013

Sean's on the ground and says the place is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to get there. He hasn't been able to make his tablet connect to the internet...SIGH!...Sean is not the kind of fella' to stare at a computer screen. Until a week ago, he didn't have even an email. That's not to say that he is in any way unable to surf the net, he just has no desire to do it. My research leads me to believe that sometimes phones in Belize can be unreliable. The internet service is often satellite stuff, so I figured he may be able to communicate via email when the phones malfunction. I created a gmail and set the tablet to default to it. I showed him how to google. He can bookmark a site he likes. He refused to I may have forgotten to show him how to find a connection. He's on a resort with free Wi-Fi! It's such a non priority for him, that he may not even try....SIGH!.....

This morning, he called for a minute. He is heading out to Placencia this morning and I AM SO JEALOUS! Once I get there, I promise to post pictures for you all! I'll take a bunch of wide eyed tourist snapshots even if it makes me look like I'm a dork. Coolness be damned!

In the meantime...while you await my awful photos...Check out some of the BEAUTIFUL PICS a real photographer has taken! Click through his albums! BREATHTAKING! Go +Allan Baxter !


  1. Thanks for the link Melanie. Belize really is a beautiful country!

  2. I really enjoyed your blog. We are going down this summer and hope to move to Belize sometime in 2014. Your blog will provide good information.