Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tomorrow will be just one week
Since he left, adventure seek.

I don't think Sean is holding up very well. He seems lonely and bored. He has been making friends, and even went out for a couple drinks one evening. His new buddies took him to Silk Grass and his second interaction there was far more positive than his first. He thoroughly enjoyed the reaction he got when he asked to buy a 6-pack to go. He said the lady looked at him like he was a glutton with two heads! She sold it to him, though.

I'm glad he enjoyed himself...Silk Grass has REALLY cheap real estate. I could get acreage and farm it for very little money. I think to have a place of our own rather than living on property at his job will help him feel more like he fits in.... I don't want to talk any kind of smack but Sean was supposed to have a little shack built on property but away from the guests. A little slice of paradise where he too could let loose a little. This has not materialized as of yet. He is staying in a BEAUTIFUL lodge...but I think we'd prefer privacy to luxury. The resort is still an opportunity though. Sean is learning every day. He described the produce supplier as a farm stand on wheels! Love it!

The FIRST plan we came up with for our new life in Belize included opening a restaurant of our own right away. We also bounced an idea around where Sean would work as an American on the cruise ships...he could fly to me from Miami during his months off ship. The resort is a happy medium. It's guaranteed income while we acclimate, and he doesn't have to leave for 3 months at a clip to secure that income. If we find that we fit in comfortably in Silk Grass, we could buy a little shanty and I can farm while we center ourselves and chose a "perfect" location to open a restaurant. I don't think the money we would put into a couple acre farm would be wasted in the long run. Even if we end up on the coast in a year, we will have it as an asset. We will have learned the ropes of buying property on a small scale, and therefore be better educated when we enter into a large life changing purchase.

Did I REALLY just say that? BEFORE we enter into a life changer? HA! Little late for that, wouldn't you say!?! This is all the life changer....

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