Saturday, March 9, 2013

Moving to Belize is a major life endeavor. It is not something everyone could do, nor would everyone want to. I am very excited to begin this leg of my journey in life. I feel as though I have researched this and thought it out well enough, that the normal bumps in my journey will be adventures off the beaten path. Life has a way of twisting things up, even for the normal people. I am assured my paper knowledge will tear apart a few times.

Although we have planned in advance, and we were aware of Sean's departure date, we didn't do well with his packing. Not that he entered Belize unprepared, he went through customs with everything he needs with no problems what so ever...But...We kinda' sorta' spent his last week in this house, watching movies, eating take out, drinking rum, and giggling! This was Sean's childhood home! To know he was leaving it. To know they were going to "pave Paradise, and put up a parking lot..bop bop bop!" - he deserved to giggle and hang out that week.

I have begun packing already. I am bored to the very core of my soul, and I look for things to pass the time. Sean had intended to take with him a small DVD player and some of his movies. In our haste on the day before he left, we forgot to pack it. Sean is to movies what I am to internet. I hope to pack a small 17in television along with about 100 of his movies into one of my checked bags. I don't know how these items will do in customs.... Some people tell stories about how easy their US electronics pass, and others tell of nightmare customs agents who took their stuff. (I don't think that happens very often in the real world...In the forum world, it's rampant! I will surely let you know how my experience goes.

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