Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Items I find, to have the most merit,
are scraps of paper I scan and I share it.

As I plan this 3000 mile move, I have discussed the mountains of stuff we have accumulated. We had big screen TV's and SUV's and gadgets and gizmos and piles of stuff! I sold some, gave some away, and sorted the most valuable of them to be brought into Belize once we get settled. I am finding that my valuables are mostly just scraps of paper. I have spent the last two evenings watching the television, and scanning the important documents I will want to get my hands on in Belize. Important documents like...crayon drawn Mother's Day cards...a paper turkey that squawks when you wet it's sponge. Pictures of the kids as they have grown. A piece of lined paper that has a cotton ball glued to it given to my mom by me 37 years ago. It says on the paper that my mommy is soft like this cotton. THESE are the items I have found I just can't live without.

So... I guess today's blog is....Today's blog is not to guide some one's choice to move to Belize or anywhere. Today, I recommend taking the time to scan in your own personal documents. It's time consuming, yes. But the slow swagger down memory lane, ending in a rapid click flash playing slide show of my life...timeless.

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