Saturday, March 30, 2013

 Today I would like to show off my new washing machine. Here you see a picture of Sean getting ready to install it. It is a little small compared to the one we left in the States, but summer clothes are smaller than winter puffy coats and my tank tops will fit just fine.
 It's brand name is Daewoo...I had a Daewoo fridge once in the States, so I was familiar with the brand. The machine cost us $275BZ...less than $150USD. In my opinion, Daewoo would be well suited to make this affordable product available in the USA. I see a market for city dwellers with limited space, and for lower income people who have a hard time buying a washer at $500.
 It is powered by a 110v cord...standard everywhere....The water hose that feeds it is similar to a drinking straw on steroids. You put your dirty clothes in the larger side, and the machine agitates them for you. Then you drain your wash water (another drinking straw hose) and all clear water for a rinse, agitate again, and drain. Then you move your sopping wet clothes a little at a time to the smaller side. It is some type of centrifuge, and spins the excess water out for you.
 We didn't purchase a dryer, although US brand dryers were available. This pole is the one outside our place, it feeds our neighborhood. I'm thinking it's not completely up to US codes...Electricity is expensive, and dryers use a lot of it. In addition to the fear of flaming utility poles, the cost of running a US dryer is prohibitive. I'll hang our things to dry in the Caribbean air!

The absolute BEST part of my new washer is that when I want to sweep under it...Sean can lift it over his head! LOL! More adventures await! Keep reading!

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  1. Hey Melanie,
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