Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sean's in the air....Such mixed feelings. Mixed emotions. Mixed up...

I'll feel better once he has landed and gotten his bearings. An adventure like this is phenomenal when you have a travelling companion. He is flying in all by himself. Part of me wishes I was able to navigate this first leg of our journey with him; part of me is grateful that by the time I land, he'll have a sense of what's going on. Mixed. Nothing fixed. Vary. Scary.

We are the only people I have ever known to move OUT of the states. I have some immigrant friends, and none can figure for the life of them why we would ever leave. We are leaving because life is just too short to stay. We have lived a lifestyle of convenience. We have been I Want It All And I Want It Now American consumers! 600 channels of mind numbing crap on the cable television....prepackaged foods preserved into 2030' services...ARRGH! I think we're looking for less. I think we're too restless. Isn't this adventure...this Never Satisfied...a product of the American dream?

I've been awake too long. I shouldn't blog on so little sleep. Check out this pic of Chief in Sean's carry-on...cute! He was just letting us know that if it's time...he's ready.

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