Sunday, February 17, 2013

A choice like to relocate your family 3000 miles away to a developing nation...a choice like this does not come quickly, or easily, or even without it's share of tears. We started planning our escape over a year ago. If I'm realistic about it, we probably started planning our escape 10 years ago when Sean and I first fell in love. We have always had the plan to sell out and retire to somewhere far away. We bounced around some destinations. Italy was promising; Mexico was in the running. We hadn't eliminated the Philippines, or Taiwan. The dream just kind of meandered through our lives, pausing to spark a conversation every now and again. For me, the catalyst was the death of my Mama. I had spent years at her side caring for her through her illness and we lost her at just 63 years old! Sixty three short years, just 23,193 days, that was it. That's the entire life span. I am already on day 15,153! If my life times out at the same time hers did, then I have just over 10,000 days left to roam this beautiful planet! Should I believe the nay sayers and spend them sitting here, looking out the same safe window, at the same neighbors, and the same stray cats, and the same landscape, and work the same job, and drive the same car, and pay the same bills, and eat the same mac and cheese, and even create the same art E V E R Y D A Y? I think not. I am sorry for all the folks who don't have the gumption or backbones. I am sorry so many of my friends will spend their days as expected. I wish I could build the drive fire in them and assure everyone that they could do it! I am reminded that most humans are creatures of habit. Some of the same people who think we're nuts to do this, are the same people who eat at the same restaurant every week. The type of people who look forward to the chef's chicken n biscuit special on Tuesday. They come in at the same time. They greet their server by name and ask about her sick doggy. They have their drinks already laid out, they are so predictable. They are "The Regulars". I refuse to live a weekly life. I have about 1144 more Tuesdays and I'm going to eat 1144 different meals. I might even forgo the meal cheesecake at 11pm and call it a meal! Who knows? All I know for sure, I WILL NEVER GET PREDICTABLE!

Things are continuing to fall into place. Sean heard from the fella' that will be his employer. I think it's moving into the next trimester, and it is pretty safe to share our joyous news with the rest of the world. Up to this point, I have been vague about our concrete plans in Belize, because I didn't want to jinx us. AFTER we picked Belize, and AFTER we had planned our escape, I "met" a guy on the Internet looking for a chef. Sean is a master chef. (He was only working at the power plant for the $$$.) I got everyone in touch with each other and it looks as though we're going to try one another out. Sean will be running the restaurant at an Eco Friendly, Off-The-Grid, jungle resort. We will live on property and that will give us time to get accustomed to our new life before we jump in with both feet. It's an amazing opportunity for him and I am so proud! I believe there will be a position for me at this same resort if I chose. I have not set anything in stone because I'm not sure it's a great idea for BOTH of our work permits to be held by the same company. I have varied work experience. I have been everything from a bartender, to a 911 dispatcher, to working with at risk teens to prevent drop outs. My favorite job has been The Birch Tree- my own craft business. My bestie has always said that I'll leave better jobs than most people will ever get! lol That's just in my risk taking nature. I think perhaps I will expand on my Birch Tree experiences and build myself a primitive kiln. I could apply for a work permit as a small business. I would then be allowed to be my own employer. I could offer different activities for tourists...basket weaving, primitive ceramics. I would like to meet some native Belizeans and learn any craft they are willing to show me! I could hire locals to instruct tourists. I could take items on consignment. Heaven forbid something goes awry at Mama Noots. If it did, we would not be out of work completely. Sean could work with me! And then again...maybe we'll love Mama Noots so much that it will be our dream place. Maybe I'll stop dressing like a Quaker, show a little knee and tend bar again. Maybe I'll be having so much fun hiking the Mayflower Bocwana National Park, and rappelling the waterfalls that I'll become an activities guide at Mama Noots. It's fun to speculate, especially knowing that Sean will be there for back up. Please click through the link and check out the resort. It's breathtaking!

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