Monday, February 18, 2013

Aren't you going to miss all your friends?

This seems to be one of the biggest concerns my friends, The Regulars, have. The Regulars apparently do nothing without texting the Other Regulars first. Going for a burger? Bring Betty Regular. Want to catch a movie? Bobby Regular will join you. The Regulars somehow thing that person in the restaurant eating quietly and reading a book is somehow...Irregular.

It's not that I don't have good friends. I just have friends that ROAM. In my early twenties, long before Facebook posts inspired it, I eliminated the people from my life who were not positive. I had a group of Regular Girls and we did everything together. Until I realized that if I was ever going to amount to anything, I would need to walk alone. I remain friend(ly) with the Regular Girls. I just don't run every aspect of my life by them for approval. Once my mom passed, I kind of felt like "The buck stops here." The only approval I seek is God's.

Even Sean, with his "It's all just sticks and bricks." attitude...even Sean is sentimental for his old Regulars. Most of his Regulars are regulars at the local watering hole. He's spent a few evenings recently up to his eyeballs in alcohol. The reason? He might never have a chance to do a shot with any of his Regulars again. He may never see these people again.

I don't get it. I'm a funny kind of girl, I guess. My oldest and dearest friends, my Real Friends, are all over the planet at this point. It's not strange to meet up with the Reals for lunch at some random airport when we are within 200 miles of one another. My Reals are the type who take a drive to clear their head, and end up relocating to Oregon. My Reals are not in sync with the Regulars. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't see The Reals again.

The Regulars don't need to fret that they will lose sight of me. That DURN Facebook will make sure I know what they are eating and where they are drinking. The Regulars will post Regular updates. The Reals...well The Reals are just that...Real. Tangible. Visible. Huggable. The Reals.

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