Monday, February 11, 2013

Today I will tackle this mountain of books!
On every flat surface and in all the nooks...
I'll stack and I'll sort
and finally abort
And give to each one my last looks...

As cliche as it is...Sometimes when it looks like things are falling apart, they are really falling into place. We got some wonderful news late last evening. Again...I'm reminded of why expectant moms don't reveal until after the first trimester. I know...I know... The suspense is killing you right? In due!

I guess I startled someone with my cruise ship plan...PLEASE know that this is not the path we have chosen. It was merely part of the thought process we have been through. Heck! There was a moment when I considered driving myself and the twins down through Mexico! Without a man! LOL...never happen.

I surprised at how sentimental I've been about my stuff. I was cleaning out closets and found my (very SMALL) remaining collection of 45's. For years, I collected 45's. I would spend hours with my mother at thrift stores, or flea markets pouring over other's collections and carting out my picks. I had amassed quite an ENORMOUS collection! About 5 years ago, when the collection was at it's peak, I had well over 2000  little black records. They were overtaking me so I gave a pile of them to a DJ friend of mine. I sold a bunch on Craigslist, and whittled down to the remaining 200 or so. The ones that I kept, I will still pull out, put a stack on the old turntable, and jam out! Every time I do, I think of the little suitcase record player I had as a child. It had plaid wallpaper on the outside, and you had to tape a nickel to the arm for weight. I got caught up in the 45's in the back of that closet that day. I caught myself flipping through them and belting out all the songs to my poor fat cat. Not unlike a 1970's Mr. Microphone commercial. Poor kitty. I'm a terrible tune! And I realized that I am attached to...stuff. So the 45's made the cut. They are in a bin bound for storage and eventually I'll reunite with them. SIGH

Today's mission is the book collection. Floor to ceiling and 21 feet long...How will I fare? Each of those books was chosen. Many contain memories pressed between their pages. Sean will remind me that "It's just stuff honey...even the house is just sticks and bricks." I know it's unrealistic to think thousands of pounds of books can be moved with me to Belize. But...books have personality, they have always been my friends. I'll crack their spines and sniff their pages...I'll be stuck for hours on those with inscriptions. But I will do it. I will carry my friends to the back of the truck and haul them off to their new forever home.

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