Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yesterday's move preparation consisted of....SHOPPING! (Go Melly!) I am only in my early 40's...and I have been guilty of giving up in the last few years. My winter wardrobe consists of; long floor length dresses or skirts, THICK leggings, sweaters (I counted 14 argyle sweaters alone!), and sweat suits. My summer wardrobe is....well....my summer wardrobe consists of some of those sweats with the appendages cut off. HaHa...Time for an upgrade! I am not too badly shaped under all this wool and fleece. My arms don't wave in the wind yet, and my kneecaps don't look like the pantie hose are sagging. All I need now is CONFIDENCE! Thank goodness for teen aged daughters! My baby went with me, and she is a REAL confidence booster! Some of the stuff she thought I should buy was a little more fashion forward than I am ready for...even in a Caribbean locale! I DID go with a two piece swimsuit though. HUGE STEP! And you can't go cold turkey on Quaker Wear, so I picked up a couple maxi dresses. Shorts are a little tougher....when I was in my 20's, I loved the fact that I had legs for miles! My Gram said "That girls got legs CLEAR up to her ass!" I liked my lithe legs. Yesterday, my legs only served to make the shorts look shorter! When did ALL shorts become short shorts? SIGH!

I'm a little tough on myself, and I felt like the day was fun and wasted in the shopping malls. So when I got home, I posted a bunch of junk for sale on my Facebook. People will buy ANYTHING! I was going to pitch a bunch of stuff until my oldest son's girlfriend convinced me that it would bring a couple bucks. We took some pics, and WOW! Fast and sold! Who knew there was a market for used baskets?

This evening I'm meeting The Regulars for a going away party. It will be interesting. Poor Regulars....

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