Thursday, February 14, 2013

I spent the day yesterday driving all over God's country, Almost Heaven, West by God Virginia, looking at motor homes for sale. I write a lot about my twins, but not as often about my oldest son. He is 21 and out on his own. He has expressed ZERO interest in joining me on this adventure to Belize, even though I volunteered to foot the bill. So...I'd like to leave him with a shelter in case his were to be lost. I know that at his age, stuff sometimes happens. By leaving the country, I am taking his fail safe away also. There will be no running home to Mom's house if you don't pay your bills. So I thought I'd buy him a motor home! He could park it in his yard until a time he needs it. Hopefully, he will never need to sleep there...but... If he doesn't use it for shelter, then he could use it to go to those "gigs" he's always booking for himself. That way if the "gigs" involve drinking (or anything) he can just hole up in a field until he's sober. I didn't find anything yesterday, but I'll keep trying.

Today I am going to get Sean to send out an email to the guys that we may be meeting up with in Belize. I say may because although there was an offer on the table from them, again...stuff sometimes happens. I will believe it when I see it. Today, Sean will contact them again and hopefully get enough confirmation that I will be confident posting our CONCRETE plan to arrive in Belize. Until then....

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