Saturday, February 16, 2013

We are omnivores. In our house, WE EAT ANYTHING. We harvest the forest as well as our garden. We go 'shrooming for Morels and bring in shopping bags full. My daughter's favorite dish is Gramma's Turtle Soup!  My son was a mere 5 years old when he shot and killed his first meal for the family. At 8...he was taking trophy whitetails big enough to win the buck pool at the sportsman's club. At 12, he took his first bow kill. Right now, in our freezer, alongside the supermarket shrink wrapped chicken, beef and pork...We have packages of venison, elk, and some trout from a local stream. WE EAT ANYTHING! Meals always include meat.

That is our choice. I know some people don't partake in animal flesh...and some really strong willed folks will not even eat dairy. I don't understand how a restaurant could not be aware of this! It's 2013! The hippies have been perfecting their game for 50 years! We all know someone who DOES NOT EAT MEAT! When that someone shows up unexpectedly around meal time, Sean is able to provide a meal for ANY of our friends on a moments notice! Strictly vegan? pasta for you. Have rice with your stir fry...and no one will flavor your rice with bullion. A vegetarian, or vegan, should not have to eat a series of side dishes when a guest in our home! And most certainly should not have to order a series of side dishes when out at a restaurant. It only takes a moment to prepare a fresh and balanced meal with no meat products. Shouldn't most establishments have taken this under advisement, and offer a vegan plate?

With the tasty produce offerings in most Belizean markets, my vegan friends should eat like kings! And they soon as Sean gets off the plane. ;)

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