Saturday, February 23, 2013

If you are following this blog, then you know one day last week I counted out the days I have left to roam this planet. With Sean heading out in 5 days, I feel like I should have counted it in minutes...or even seconds! I am just dreading the time I will spend here without him. The kids are staying at their dad's, and this place will feel like 10 rooms of lonely. I remember when the sheer enormity of this place was such a blessing to me! It was filled thumping down the stairs, one thousand trips to the fridge, someone's bass turned up too loud, rushing, flushing, and gushing, knowing and growing. Just myself and the kitty, we don't fill the sofa! We certainly don't fill this house! I'll close the doors to help with the echo. I'll take myself to dinner. I'll wait for this ending to make ME a beginner....

"Don't borrow trouble!" My mother would say.
"Don't worry. Don't fret. Kneel down and pray."
I'm never as strong as when I'm on my knees.
Please stay with me, God, as I head to Belize.

Little terse verse. Little word bird.

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