Sunday, February 10, 2013

When I began blogging, I said that I would try to follow our journey chronologically.The daunting task of opening my mind to strangers and (harder still) acquaintances has drawn me off course. It sometimes has removed all logic...not just CHRONOlogic. So this morning I'll share with you some of the plans we have kicked around...

Although Belize has a very generous retirement program, as I mentioned before, we are not near retirement. I still feel at least 20 or 25 years left in this old nag. And Seans younger than me! Even if I did want to retire to Belize this year, I am still (a couple) years shy of the 45 years one needs. So the QRP won't work for me.

We considered planting me in Belize and then have Sean become the wage earner. He would go back to work for Disney only this time on the cruise ships. He could work out of Cancun or Miami and would earn an American salary while living a Belize lifestyle. The ships would require him to work 3 months on the boat then he'd get 3 months off...This would eliminate his chances of obtaining residency in the near future. In order to be considered for residency status one must not leave the country for more than 14 days in a year. If this plan pans out...I'd be farming and living in Belize all year. My primary job focus would be to get that residency card. I'd be able to hire a local to help me with my daily tasks, and get my foot in the door as an employer. Sean would be flying in and out as his job permits, and direct depositing his paychecks. Once we have reached our next savings goal, then he could quit the cruise ship. and come to Belize for good with me. If I have residency before then, I'll just be able to open a business for us. If I'm not a resident then we'd just have to request a self employment permit from the GOB.

We hesitate to set this plan in motion. Sean is a big guy... He's got legs like tree trunks and his shoulders rival those in the NFL. Although he's a gentle soul, and he doesn't intimidate small children or puppies...he does intimidate the average bad guy. I laugh because often times a man will be making his best play toward me, then when Sean walks up I get..."Uh. Yes, Ma'am. You sure do have a nice looking family. Let me buy you that drink I've been mentioning...One for your husband? Great to meet you sir." But without plan to spend 3 months at a time without him...(where's my big pink SIGH?)...I'm not sure if I'd even be safe! I looked into arming myself once I got into Belize, and although this is possible, it's not as common as it is here in the States. I would not be able to bring a sidearm into the country, and would have to buy one once I arrived. I know there will be people (especially on the forums) who will think that I am inviting trouble. People who feel that by carrying a gun, I would be inviting trouble. Let me just say this... I was raised in a house where guns were common. My mother's second husband was a gun dealer for goodness sakes! I could be packing on the beach and NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW! I would have the peace of mind knowing that my 100lb self is protected. I am not going off half cocked and waving my stuff all around. And it's not all about the people! I find that people are generally kind and helpful when given the chance. VERY few axe murders or rapists even exist. But what about the animals!? In spite of my hippie tree hugging history, I wouldn't hesitate to take out a puma or pig...or croc...or even a cute little monkey if it's getting aggressive. As my God requires, I would eat what can be eaten and pray for what couldn't. Ever thankful for it all.

The cruise ship plan is not the best plan. It is not the ideal plan. It is not the plan we have settled on. It is a plan though. Feel free to copy and paste this plan into your own And feel free to copy and paste this blog onto your own pages! :p ...More soon....


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    1. Thank you so much! I hope it brings new readers my way as well! I'd love to link you you know how to do that? Thanks in advance!