Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let the judgement begin! There are those who think we're just coo coo to even want to do this. I can understand that. We are, after all, Americans. Most of my peers are just trying to pay off the mortgage, and the orthodontia, keep gas in their SUV's, and Big Macs on the table. I understand the thought of moving to the jungle and building a hut to live in is not every one's cup of tea. I'm excited to get back to basics for a while! I want to render my goats milk into soap. I want to gather eggs from my chickens (and worry about them when they molt). I want to harvest my breakfast. Most of my friends get testy when the Eat & Park runs out of potato soup. I can't think of any one who would chose to give up all the conveniences besides us. But that's why WE'RE the ones doing it! The judgement I'm talking about this morning has nothing to do with our relocation plans.... Someone (and you know who you are) is upset by my blog post that said I would be bringing BOTH of my Bibles. This person went into quite a rant about how each time the King James Bible is translated, 10% of it's original meaning is lost. Hummm....Unless you have read the text in Hebrew and re-read it in ALL it's translated forms, how can a person tell me that what I'm teaching my children is 10% less accurate!?! For the record, I read to the kids each morning before we head out for the day. I randomly pick a chapter and then we discuss the meaning and how we can bring that meaning into our modern lives. I read it aloud from a translation called The Living Bible, but I also use my King James Version as a comparison. There ARE times when we prefer the KJV...but there are also times when the NLV is more relatable to my teenagers. As a Christian, I would hope that other Christians are not so busy on their soapboxes that they overlook the good that comes from our family's morning Bible read. If my choice of translations does not match up with your choice of translations then let's go with BOTH versions...

Luke 6:37 KJV "Judge not and ye shall not be judged: condemn not and ye shall not be condemned: forgive and ye shall be forgiven..."

Luke 6:37 NLV "Never criticize or condemn - or it will all come back on you. Go easy on others; then they will do the same for you."

I can concede that this verse is maybe not the best to compare, as it DOES read quite differently. I don't find this much discrepancy usually, but in the interest of plowing through, I am posting the verse I looked to when I feel judged. I really owe a big old thanks to my Christian friend, as I have been attributing this verse incorrectly to Matthew for years... Maybe she's right? Ahhh...religion...more complicated than a blog.

I found the words yesterday to explain to Sean my testiness lately. I just am overwhelmed because all this has now somehow become MY responsibility. I was caulking the bathroom tub surround, and he made a comment about how he'd help me this weekend. HELP ME!? Wha?!... I don't know how this house sale stuff has become MY responsibility and HIS responsibility is to get to Belize before this job offer falls through. (Hey Christian Friend...unequally yoked.) I asked him to PLEASE bust butt for the next few weeks and get as much done as he could. He responded by fixing the stair rail, sorting his winter clothes, replacing lose tiles, re grouting the lose places in the main living room, FINISHING the trim in both the living room and upstairs bath, and replacing a pile of plastic outlet covers. He would probably have done more, but we found ourselves with no kids at home on a Friday and went out to a grown up dinner. No wonder I fell in love with this man! All I needed to do, was find the words and ask for help. He jumped to it! By the time he flies out, I should be languishing in a completely repaired home that is listed and ready for sale! HOORAY! I see the light at the end of the tunnel and no longer think it's a freight train coming at me!

We had a nice meal last night at The Grotto in Uniontown... Check out the page. Like it! Try the mussels...!/pages/The-Grotto/165637496819082?fref=ts WEB SITE... DELICIOUS! FRIENDLY! LOCALLY OWNED! GO THERE!

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